YIPEE  YIPEE YIPEEEEE.  AFTER THREE YEARS OF TRYING TO WORK WITH FRONTIER  (arrrrrrghh) to get their webhosting to work.... gave up and am working with a new host.  Starting to work!   This hobby will be a work in progress!!
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Thanks for stopping by to check out my humble version of a web page.  Don't look here for anything too special; maybe a picture that will change every couple of years, or an interesting link, or a fish picture or two.

I'm trying to keep the webcam running most days. You can check out the weedy lawn, or how  the weeds are growing in the pond.. or maybe the snow depth in the winter.
Or, you can get a peak at Lake Michigan from the window in Kewaunee.

  Thanks for tying up at daves dock  for a visit!

**************** Hundreds of old pictures deleted !!  :(    *********************************

Salmon Harbor Marina

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Click for Kewaunee, Wisconsin Forecast

AHhoy !!  what's that???
Is the Webcam up and running??

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Is it snowing there??
Other winter WEBCAMS

Or perhaps you would rather look for
big boats. HARBOR CAMS are fun.


Ebels Houseboats 

Winter??  Is it going to SNOW???

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